Skyline Challenge 2023

I'm fundraising for the future of hospitality.

I'm raising money for The Burnt Chef Project, an organisation set up to tackle mental health stigma in the hospitality industry. It's something very close to my heart and I would love your support!

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And it's done!!

Tuesday 25th Apr
Well, what an experience! Super tough climb for a complete beginner and the fitness of a sloth... but I got there! 

Thank you to all who have supported by donating, I wanted to re-post my fundraiser page as it's still live for another 2 weeks. Just incase there were some people that that thought that they needed to see it to believe it 😅

Thanks again.

The climb

Friday 3rd Mar
After a few, personal bad years, mistakes made, constant circles of the unknown, depression, a loss of self confidence, purpose, and simple belief...

I've decided to challenge myself, it's not something I don't think I can complete, it's a trek, I'm semi fit, fairly healthy and if I'm honest it's more of a mental move for myself. 

It's the 1st of many fund-raisers I hope to achieve over the coming years so even if its a quid, I ask my friends to help with this cause. 

 I'm raising for a subject close to my heart, no amount of money will fix these issues overnight, but if you can a make a step... I'll take a million... 

Thank you 🙏

Thank you to my Sponsors


Steve And Nick


Matthew Kelly

I expect many scotch eggs for this. Good luck!


Steve And Nick


Steve And Nick



Run Forrest Run


Vernon And Flynn Chapman

More sausages please Scott


James Oliver

Good luck mate! Great cause!!


Floki & Tracey

Good luck Scott!


Bell Customer







Kimberley Mills

What an amazing charity to support, all the best in getting what you need to support people struggling x




Claire Tingay

Well done you hon


Ben Cleaver


Allie Cigerli